Drs. Sigford, Palacio, Ozkok, and Schaal Win the Prestigious “Doctors Choice” Award

Drs. Sigford, Palacio, Ozkok, and Schaal won the prestigious “Doctors Choice” award for their surgical video entitled: “The Birth of The Twins: Simultaneous Delivery of Two Dislocated Intraocular Lenses From one Eye”. The award was given at the annual meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) in San-Diego in August 2014. The prize was given to a single video out of several dozens, which were submitted by retina specialists, ASRS members, from around the globe. Videos were judged by innovation, complexity of surgical technique, novelty, and technical quality. The video demonstrates the management of a patient who presented with two dislocated intraocular lenses after undergoing cataract surgery and then a piggyback intraocular lens.  After laser posterior capsulotomy, both lenses dislocated into the vitreous. The patient underwent 20-gauge vitrectomy. The lenses were freed from the capsular remnants and vitreous. One lens was resting on the macula and was floated anteriorly with perfluorocarbon. The lenses were captured in the pupil and explanted simultaneously through a limbal incision. View video here: http://youtu.be/_Tlwx5Qz4fw


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