Medical Student Educational Opportunities

ICM2 Lectures – 2nd year medical students

Judith Mohay, M.D.: Eye Exam and Ocular Anatomy
Henry Kaplan, M.D.: Ocular Manifestations of Disease
Gary Foulks, M.D.: Red Eye & Ocular Injuries
Joern Soltau, M.D.: Chronic Visual Loss
Dr. Bhola, M.D.: Amblyopia & Strabismus

Career Exploration – 1st year medical students

Students rotate with faculty on private rotations or in our primary care clinic (PCC). No evaluation is required and the student is present to observe only.

Courses Offered – 3rd and 4th year medical students

Course 816 – Special Projects in Ophthalmology
Course 820 – Retina Research
Course 825 – Case Studies of Eye Disease
Course 826 – Stem Cells in Retina Research
Course 905 – AHEC rotation
Course 906 – Clinical Elective in the Louisville Area
Course 907 – Clinical Elective outside the Louisville Area (off campus)
Course 909 – Independent Study or Research
Course 910 – Ambulatory Rotation (at either the PCC or the VA)
Course 911 – Faculty Private Practice – Clinical Ophthalmology
Course 914 – Surgical Rotation

GEMS (Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School – middle and high school students)

We participate in this University of Louisville Course. Students observe only in our PCC. Takes place on Monday and Thursday afternoons in February.