Douglas Borchman, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Research Faculty


301 E. Muhammad Ali Boulevard, Louisville KY 40202
Telephone: 502-852-7435


Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, Chemistry (Biochemsitry 1972-1977


Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, Chemistry (Biochemistry) 1979-1984 (with minor in Biology)


Mt Sinai Hospital, New York, New York, Post Doctoral Fellowship, Physiology and Biophysics 1984-1986


As a biophysicist, I am equally fascinated by how the human lens can remain clear for decades, as by the factors which cause that clarity to diminish over time. This fascination has led me to explore how the composition, structure and function of membrane lipids contribute to the light scattering with age and cataracts.

The techniques and experience gained from my studies of lens lipids enabled me to study how derangement of tear oils cause dry eye symptoms. In collaboration with Dr. Foulks and Yappert I am using my spectroscopic background in biophysics to follow compositional and conformational changes in tear lipids with age and meibomian gland disease and to diagnose and elucidate the causes of dry eye symptoms.

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